SW@n – The Nynox approach to avoid cyberattacks in 2022

These are challenging times. Cybercrime, cyber hacks and ransomware are topics every company should worry about! Nynox aims to meet the security needs of these companies so that they and their management can sleep well at night (SW@N) and fully focus on their core business activities.

Join our experts Federico Meiners and Ken Van Hasselt in this compelling webinar and discover the Nynox approach on how to avoid cyberattacks in this upcoming year!


  • Welcome and introduction
  • Sleep well at night (SW@N): Protect your business round the clock
    • Unburden – Prevent, detect and Respond – 24/7
    • Expertise – Your trusted security competence centre
    • Cost-efficient – Lower your TCO
  • The Nynox approach: Not your typical cybersecurity partner
  • Q&A

This webinar is for you if:

  • You want to improve the cybersecurity posture of your company
  • You want to reduce Cybersecurity costs
  • You want to gain access to a team of security specialists
  • You want to unburden your team and sleep well at night!

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Meet our experts:

Federico Meiners

Cybersecurity Architect
@ Nynox

Ken Van Hasselt

Business Development Manager @ Nynox

Ready to avoid Cyberattacks?