Security operations with the speed, scale, and intelligence of Google.

Detect, investigate and respond to cyber threats with Google's cloud-native Security Operations Suite.

Rely on a modern approach to threat detection and response

Designed for the modern SOC

Chronicle Security Operations empowers cloud-first, modern SecOps teams to protect their organizations confidently, with cloud-native architecture, petabyte scale, sub-second queries, and automated responses.

Put Google expertise to work

Elevate your team’s capabilities with Chronicle’s curated detections, insights and playbooks at your fingertips. Detect previously undetected threats by collecting and searching all your data with Google speed and simplicity.

From eliminating blindspots by augmenting your existing stack to complete SOC transformation, Chronicle can deliver better security outcomes at every step of your SecOps journey.

Detect, investigate and respond to cyber threats with Google’s cloud-native Security Operations Suite.

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