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A&C Systems, headquartered in Belgium, is a prominent wholesale and service partner in the consumer electronics industry. With a rich history and a robust presence in the European market, A&C Systems specialises in offering a wide range of products and services, encompassing everything from mobile telephony and multimedia to accessories and connected home solutions. As a company at the forefront of technological advancement and consumer trends, A&C Systems has established itself as a key player in the fast-paced world of consumer electronics, catering to a diverse and demanding customer base.

In the face of evolving digital threats and a complex cybersecurity landscape, A&C Systems recognised the need to enhance its digital defences. This requirement became particularly pressing as they dealt with sensitive customer data and proprietary information on a daily basis. The Infrastructure & Security Manager, Jan Dupont, who had been instrumental in steering the company’s security posture over his decade-long tenure, identified the primary challenge: refining their Security Monitoring to effectively detect cyberthreats.

The Role of Nynox

In response to these challenges, A&C Systems turned to Nynox, a security operations center (SOC) renowned for its expertise in managed cybersecurity services. Nynox was selected for its ability to offer a comprehensive and customised approach to security monitoring, ensuring that A&C Systems’ specific needs were met with precision and expertise.

 “The expertise and commitment shown by Nynox SOC have been pivotal in advancing our cybersecurity measures. Their comprehensive management of the SIEM system and round-the-clock support have not only enhanced our security capabilities but have also instilled a greater sense of confidence in our digital operations.”

Jan Dupont –  Infrastructure & Security Manager @ A&C Systems

Nynox’s Comprehensive Solution

Nynox’s approach to enhancing A&C Systems’ cybersecurity was comprehensive and multi-dimensional.
Focusing on several critical areas:

Management of SIEM Solution:

 Nynox’s management of the SIEM system was central to the strategy, ensuring accurate threat detection while reducing false positives and negatives.

Three-Layer Support Model:

Through a robust support model, Nynox provided layered security measures, encompassing everything from fundamental monitoring to complex threat analysis.

Continuous Monitoring and Incident Response:

The 24/7 monitoring service offered by Nynox played a crucial role in identifying and mitigating potential security threats promptly.

Compliance and Audit Support:

Nynox also provided vital support in compliance and audit preparation, a critical aspect for A&C Systems given the regulatory requirements of their industry.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR):

Nynox incorporated an advanced Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solution to provide real-time monitoring and rapid response capabilities at the endpoint level

Strategic Security Roadmap Development:

Beyond immediate concerns, Nynox assisted in future-proofing A&C Systems’ security posture by developing a strategic security roadmap.

Outcomes and Impact

This strategic partnership resulted in a significantly strengthened security framework for A&C Systems. The collaboration led to enhanced accuracy in threat detection, improved operational efficiency, and a robust compliance posture, securing A&C Systems’ position as a trusted and secure player in the consumer electronics market.

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