CyberHealth is a digital event focused on the health of the cybersecurity posture of your organization. This edition we focused on the topic “security visibility”. Security visibility can be defined as the ability to create a clear and unobstructed view into the security set-up of an operation, where important and relevant information can be consulted and, as a result, managed.

What to expect?

On the 10th of March 2022, our experts in various cybersecurity fields showcased demo’s, revealed use/client cases and shared their personal experience and insights!

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Available talks:

→ INSIGHT: Why visibility is critical to your security Management Program by David Callebaut – CISO @ Brussels Airlines & Jan De Nul Group

→ INSIGHT: Acing security visibility and operations by Federico Meiners – Cybersecurity Architect @ Nynox

→ DEMO: Protecting Active Directory with Silverfort’s Unique Platform by Sepp Janssens – Information Security Advisor @ IS4U

→ DEMO: Live Dark web Tour by Andrea Bellinzaghi – Senior Security Solution Engineer @ Rapid7

→ DEMO: Securely and quickly connect external vendors managing your IT assets by Stefan Jacobs – Managing Partner @ ActWise & Michael Ravelingien – Solution Architect @ CyberArk

“Instructive experiences and inspiring insights, demos and use cases from organizations and highly experienced experts, neatly bundled in one morning: that is what you can expect from “CyberHealth 2022 – Security Visibility”.

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Meet our experts:

Federico Meiners

Cybersecurity Architect
@ Nynox

Ken Van Hasselt

Business Development Manager @ Nynox

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